It is difficult to give a list of fees when considering specialist dental treatment. For each individual the treatment required can vary significantly in complexity depending on the presenting clinical situation and the desired treatment outcome.

To achieve the best clinical outcomes, often cases can require a range of complex and challenging clinical procedures. These procedures when compared to routine NHS treatment or even general private dental care can be more time consuming and require more costly dental equipment and materials. If the treatment requires any lab made restorations then these require the use of high-end specialist dental laboratories and expert technicians.

A consultation visit with Dr. Patel involves a thorough dental assessment including any relevant radiographs that are required (excluding 3D scans where required). Dr. Patel will spend time discussing the diagnosis and the various treatment options available. Following the consultation a bespoke detailed report will be provided summerising the consultation and the treatment options available. At this point a detailed estimate of the fees for the various options will be provided. This allows patients to make an informed decision about which options is most appropriate to meet their treatment goals.

The fee for specialist consultation with Dr. Patel is £125

Should you decide to proceed with specialist treatment with Dr. Patel then the cost of treatment is spread out over the full course of treatment. At each clinical visit you will only be charged for the treatment completed at that visit. For more complex and costly treatment plans, a low rate finance option is available allowing you to spread the cost over a longer term (maximum 5 years) and therefore making the cost of treatment more affordable. Please ask Dr. Patel for more information regarding this.